Seat-Slicker® started back in 2012 while I was working at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, and noticed an abundance of badly dressed bicycles during the rainy season. Wet plastic shopping or garbage bags were on seats everywhere to protect both the bike and rider's clothing from water.  There had to be a better solution. I popped into Stanford’s Campus Bike Shop one day to chat with them. They told me that plastic bags actually weren’t very effective, never mind not environmentally friendly; they slipped off seats too easily and often got stuck in spokes, chains, and gears, causing plenty of problems and accidents. They also created trash around campus.

We talked about my idea of a waterproof cover that was expandable as well as fashionable. They loved it! So, I asked, “If I make them, will you sell them?” They promised me they would.  The irony here is I really only had an idea and honestly not the skill to execute it. Not even knowing how to sew, I bought a machine and taught myself. I bought many types of fabrics and materials and began to formulate a prototype. I knew I had to keep my price point affordable if my goal was to replace a free plastic bag. With the help of friends, we cut the fabrics in my garage and sewed them in my kitchen.  Finally I had something I loved. I brought them to Stanford’s Campus Bike Shop and they sold out of them; over and over again. Seat-Slicker was born.

In the beginning, Seat-Slicker was good. But now it’s great! I've been working with WAGIC, Inc. in San Jose, CA, to bring my product to a larger market. We have found the most amazing, soft fabric that is 100% waterproof and UV resistant so it is truly “All Weather Gear for Your Rear!” Our product is expandable to fit a variety of seat sizes and it also comes to you at an affordable price.

It is my pleasure to personally design these seat covers for you, creating a fashionable collection that promotes the esthetics of nature, versatility and fun. I currently reside in beautiful, Eugene, OR, where I run my business full time. My desire is to bring more comfort, color and warmth to the collegiate, commuting and recreational biking communities in a very cost efficient way. It is my joy to bring you Seat-Slicker.

Happy Biking!


Melissa Prestinario  |  Founder & CEO

Photo: Danny Dong Photography