Protect your seat and look good doing it!
Seat-Slicker® Seat Covers come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit any style.

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We are Seat-Slicker®: Bike enthusiasts making the world just a bit better, one bike seat at a time.

We’ve all had those days… skidding into the last open spot at the bike rack after hitting snooze one (or five) too many times and of course it’s raining. We may be in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Louisville, Atlanta, Chicago or Boston. We quickly U-lock our bike and breathe a sigh of relief that at least we have our totally awesome Seat-Slicker on our saddle to keep it dry and protected from the elements.

Grab a cup of coffee. Go to class. Go to work. And then return later to easily find our fashionably dressed bicycle, parked in the endless sea of others; the seat cozy and dry among the other wet and chilly bikes dressed with only sad plastic bags.

We quickly wipe the water from our Seat-Slicker or just give it a shake and toss it in our bag, then jump on a nice, dry saddle, ready to cruise to our next destination.

Seat-Slicker® Seat Covers | All-Weather Gear for Your Rear™